How to secure your security research? Six tips.

As a security-researcher, you might just be itching to investigate the security of a product. That doesn’t come without risk: you can get into trouble with companies and possibly even with the public prosecutor, especially when the stakes are high. How do you do security research while minimising the legal risks? Some tips. Continue reading

Digital rights NGOs request to join European internet surveillance case

A coalition of European digital rights NGOs today ask to intervene in a seminal case on internet surveillance before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The case concerns the constitutionality of interception and data-sharing under the Tempora and Prism-programmes revealed by Snowden. Brussels-based EDRi, together with various national NGOs, would like to provide expert input on the constitutional framework to be applied to mass surveillance. Continue reading

OPSEC for lawyers 101

After the Snowden-revelations, professionals are increasingly becoming aware that operational security is fundamental to the service they provide. This is a topic lawyers should also be concerned about. Here are some issues to get you thinking, and some tips to get you started. Continue reading